"Write it down on real paper with a real pencil. And watch it get real."



When it comes to diversity in leadership, we are still having the same conversations…and we are TIRED.

Tired of speaking on the same panels. Frustrated with being silenced in spaces where we should flourish. And disinterested in hearing similar answers to the same questions, while real movement seems to be stagnant and in short supply.

But what are we waiting for?

The marginalized don’t have to wait for those in charge to make change, we can commit to each other to make change. To kick down doors, create seats at the table and position faces that look like ours to win.

As individuals, our voices matter; but together we can create a collective of individuals who 'walk it like they talk it', and create true impact.

Think big. Be ambitious. Because, we’ve got your back. This collective is here to fight anyone and anything that tries to stop your mission.


The Action.

Write a measurable and ambitious commitment to make an impact in diversity & inclusion within the next 6 months — and stick to it. Our team at Crush & Lovely will follow up with you once a month to check on your progress and see how we can support you.

Some people have committed to establishing pipeline programs in their organizations, taking on mentees, starting affinity groups, hosting events, and to have tough conversations.



Let's make an impact.

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Crush & Lovely is an impact agency. Our process enables the creation of impactful original works, capable of instigating meaningful change for people, products, causes and brands. We seek and solve the questions that matter within organizations.

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